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How to Create a Directory Listing Website – Free Directory Website Template

Online shopping 🛒 is growing like never before in history.

At the same time⏰, it’s equally important to do research before purchasing online.

So people are actively searching for reviews💪,
and comparing🧭 products to make their purchase decisions.

In 2021, 2.14 billion people🔥 have purchased products & services online.

Directory listing websites like Yelp, are using this opportunity to grow their business successfully.

  • In 2021 alone Yelp earned $1,032 million dollars in revenue.
  • 90+ million people visit Yelp each month to find restaurants,
    home services, and more.

Great decision, you’re in the right time⏰ to create & grow your online directory website.

Before launching🚀 your website,
first, let’s see👇 the main benefits of making a directory listing website.

Benefits of Having a Directory Listing Website

  • Create any kind of online directory you want & list the things you want online.
  • Billions of people are searching online for product reviews and options to make their purchases.
    Help people find the best restaurants, hotels, travel locations, properties, jobs, and more.
  • Let anyone list on your site & get paid for it.
  • Earn revenue by allowing businesses to promote on your website.
  • Let everyone learn about a product and service right from your website.
    Beautifully showcase listings on your website.
  • Help people find the best quality products and services.
  • Provide a variety of options for buyers.
  • Get visitors & customers from Google search and social media.
  • Get access to your customer & sales data with an easy-to-use dashboard.
    You can check the details of customers, who have purchased your listing plans.
  • Reach your customers whenever you want (Collect email, mobile number, and more details right from your website).
  • Give more customers to businesses by offering discounts & coupons right from your site.
  • Help quality businesses to grow.
  • You will have complete control over your website design, customization, features, and functionality.
  • Build a valuable brand where potential customers engage online.

What are the Different Platforms Available to Create a Listing & Directory Website?

These are the popular online directory website builders,
available on the market right now.

You can check the comparison below & decide which one is best for you.

As you can see MakeyourWP stands out from the competition by offering affordable price & top-notch features.

Now if you are wondering what is MakeyourWP?
And why do I need to consider it to build my online directory website?
Then read ahead!

What is MakeYourWP?

MakeYourWP is a part of Website Learners,
where we help people😍 build their dream websites in a quick & easy way as possible.

Here is how we do it👇,

Basically, we have already built the complete online directory listing website,
with all the features you need, 📂open-source platform called WordPress.

So now with our directory website template,
you can launch your complete directory listing website in just 2 minutes⏰.

Then you can add your listings, and 🖐start building your business online.

We will take care of all the technical bits for you.

And the best thing is, all of these are possible without hiring any coder & designer.

Okay👍, now you know what is MakeYourWP.

Next let’s see, how MakeYourWP stands out from the competition,

and why it is the best option for you to ▶ start your directory listing website.

Why Choose MakeYourWP to Create your Online Directory Website?

  • You can launch your directory listing website in 2 minutes, & it’s ready to use out of the box. When you build a WordPress site on your own, it is a complicated & time-consuming task.
  • Get ultimate speed, you need fast loading website.
    Here is why,
    Most online shoppers expect a website to load within a few seconds.
    That’s why we use the latest web hosting (server) technologies to ensure your website loads blazing fast, and highly optimised.
  • Custom domain name (
    Make your brand memorable – Easily set up your own domain name for your website, straight from the control panel.
  • Unlike a normal WordPress theme (that you customize from scratch), the MakeYourWP templates are readymade websites built specifically for your business type.
  • Professional website design will help your customers easily use your website.
  • You will have full control over website design & functionality
    So you can have your website the way you want.
    Which is not available in other real estate website builders.
  • Secure & easy to use dashboard to manage your website.
  • SEO features enabled (Rank your website on Google search, and get more visitors & customers).
  • Made with WordPress, WordPress is the top website builder on the internet.
    43% of the internet uses WordPress from blogs to business websites.
  • 24/7 customer support available for you.
  • 14 days money-back guarantee – No hassle, no risk.
  • Free SSL & Top-Notch Security
  • Automated Backups every day (Your site will be automatically backed up every day).
  • To save your time & energy, we’ve picked out all the best, necessary tools & plugins for your website, and pre-installed them in the template.
  • Your website will come with everything you need already installed.
  • You get a FREE staging site (available on selected plans only) where you can test new features & make countless edits without it affecting your “real” website.

Okay, now you know the benefits of choosing MakeYourWP.

So launch your directory listing website today, and save your time & money.

Start creating your directory list & grow your business online.

Types of Directory Listing Websites you can make with Our Template.

Launch your website with professional designs that are designed to sell & grow.

Create any kind of Directory Listing Website you want

You can have a single type of listing or a variety of lists on your website,
it’s your choice.

Real Estate Directory Listing Website

Build a professional property listing online.

Cars Directory Listing Website

Build a beautiful car listing online.

And you can create anything you can imagine.

Features Available in Our Listing Directory Template.

Get to know the features that your website will have.

One-Click Easy Setup

With our easy & quick launch method,
You can launch your entire directory listing website with just one click.

And it’ll be ready for customization (You can start creating the list of what you want).

Create a List of Anything you want Unlimited Listing Categories

You can create a list of anything you want, and you can have an unlimited number of lists.
Example lists you can have on your website.

Business Directory Listing

Real Estate Directory Listing

Job Posts Listing

Travel Directory Listing

Automobile Directory Listing

Events Directory Listing

Completely Customizable Design & Content

Your website design is in your control.

3 Professional ready-made designs are ready to launch.
Just select any design you want, and change the content to suit your needs.

Specific Search Options for Each Category

You can set specific search options based on the listing category.

Real Estate Search Options

Let Anyone List on your Site & Earn Money

You can have paid plans for listing on your site.

Allow anyone to list their business, restaurant, real estate, events, services, or anything.

When people purchase your listing paid plans you will earn money.

Allow Users to Promote their Listings

You can offer paid plans to promote listings.

Promoted listings will show on top of listing search results.

You can also recommend listings on your home page.

Search results page with a promoted list.

Perfect Place to Promote your Listings

You can also promote paid listings on your homepage.

Unique Plans for Each Listing Category

You can have unique paid plans for each listing category.

Like, a set of plans for restaurant category listings,and a different set of plans for event listings.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard to Manage your Listings with Ease

To create & manage all the listings, you & your customers will have your own easy-to-use dashboards.

Learn & Grow with Visitor’s Insights

You & your customers can check the visitor’s performance details (from the dashboard).

The performance details include:

  • How many visitors have checked a listing page?
  • From where they are coming? Social media or Google.
  • What device do they use?
  • Also, you can check the overall performance of all your listings.

List and Update Like a Breeze

Beginner-friendly visual list creation page.
You can easily add your listing & update the details at any time you want.

Drag and Drop Visual Website Builder

You can just drag and drop to choose, which elements you want to show on your listing page, and which you don’t want to show.

Use pre-added elements or create custom elements for your list without any coding.

Beautiful Designs to Showcase your Listing.

On the listing page, you can add all the details about your listing. People can check the listing page details to make their decisions.

Restaurant Listing Page

Job Offer Listing Page

Event Listing Page

Property Listing Page

Car Listing Page

Let your Visitors know more Details with Useful Tabs

You can have different tabs on the listing pages. It will help people to learn more details about a business or anything on your list.

Example tabs:
Reviews, events, jobs offers, product list, and more.

Jobs Tab

Reviews Tab

Events Tab

Store Tab

Get your Visitors on their Way with a Map.

You can show a map and help people find the physical location of a listing.

One-Click Phone Call and Messaging

Let your visitors easily contact the business with one click phone call and direct message button on your listings.

One-Click Phone Call

One-Click Direct Messaging

Help your Visitors find the Best of what they want with User Reviews.

Your website visitors can easily check any listing reviews, and they can also add their own reviews & feedback.

This way your site visitors can easily find quality restaurants, jobs, cars, or anything on your list.

Stunning Explore Page – Home to Show All your Listings

Your site will have a beginner-friendly explore page. It will help people easily search and find what they want.

People can also use the filter options and map to make their search easier.

Fully Customizable Filters for Each Listing Category

You can customize the filter options based on the listing category.

People can also filter the listings based on user review ratings (top rated), nearby, latest, random, a-z.

Increase User Engagement with Instant Direct Messages

Your site users can send direct messages between users.
This will help people to share their experiences and clear their doubts.

This way you can increase user engagement on your site.

Run an Entire Directory Listing Website Business from One Platform.

With MakeYourWP, you can manage your site’s domain name, hosting, design, content, customer payments, and everything in one platform.
All the tools are available for you to launch & grow your brand easily.

Email Alerts & Notifications

Payment & order confirmation emails are automatically sent to you & your customers.

You have Full Control Over your Website Design.

With WordPress blocks and Elementor editor, you can design your site how you want, just by using drag and drop.

You have endless design possibilities without any coding.

All the Design Options are Available to you.

Change colors, images, fonts, icons, sections, and more.

Make your Website Visually Stunning on All Screens

Your site will look & work well on mobiles or any type of device that your customers are using.

A Wonderful Design

Fully responsive layouts for all types of devices.

SEO Enabled

  • Google ranks fast-loading websites, and with Makeyourwp your website will load blazing fast.
  • Your site comes with the powerful SEO plugin Rankmath. Using Rankmath you can rank your site on Google, and get more customers from Google search.

Easily Accept Customer Payments

Built-in options to connect popular payment methods like Stripe and Razorpay.

You can ensure fast & easy customer payments.

Multiple Languages Supported

WordPress offers a lot of language options for your website.
You can even have your website in your native language.

How to Get Started with MakeYourWP?

Steps to get started + our YouTube tutorial video.

Build your Hotel Booking Website with MakeYourWP in 3 Simple Steps.


Choose your Website Template.


Purchase the Plan you want


Customize the Content to Suit your Offer

And, done. Your website is ready to conquer
the business world!

What Our Customers are Saying?

Some of the Questions you may have – FAQ

What is an online directory?

An online directory is like a book library.

It can have any kind of list, and essential details about each list item.

It can have a list of businesses, restaurants, jobs, hotels, cars, properties, and any type of list.

Anyone can browse these directories online, and find the best of what they want.
Examples: Best restaurants, best hotels, and more.

Online directory examples:,

What is a directory listing website?

A Directory listing website is like a book library.

It can have any kind of list, and essential details about each list item.

It can have a list of businesses, restaurants, jobs, hotels, cars,
properties, and any kind of list.

Anyone can browse a directory website online, and find what they are looking for.
Examples: Best restaurants, best hotels, and more.

Directory website examples:,

How does an online directory work?

Common people use online directory websites to browse and find restaurants, hotels, jobs, and more.

Business owners are listing their businesses on directory websites to get more customers.

Anyone can list their business for promotion, and the directory website owner can have paid plans for listing on their website.

How much does it cost to build a directory listing website?

You can launch and run a complete directory listing website for just $5 dollars a month. No hidden charges.

You don’t need to hire any developer or designer to make your website.

We have already made it for you.

You will be saving $1000’s of dollars in developing your website.

What types of online directories can I create with this template?

With this template, you can create any type of online directory you want.

You can create a list of :

  1. Businesses
  2. Local businesses
  3. Restaurants
  4. Hotels
  5. Jobs
  6. Cars
  7. Properties
  8. Products
  9. Services

How to build a directory website?

Steps to create an online directory website:

Step 1: Decide what kind of directory website you want to create.
Popular online directory examples (Directory website ideas):

  1. Businesses
  2. Local businesses
  3. Restaurants
  4. Hotels
  5. Jobs
  6. Cars
  7. Properties
  8. Products
  9. Services

You can use Google keyword planner & Google trends to find what people are searching for, and how many people searching for it.

Example keywords: Restaurants in Chennai, Best hotels in New York.

Step 2: Choose a category that has a good amount of searches.

1. Create your lists for low competition keywords

When you are just starting out, to get visitors to your website,
you can first try to rank on Google for less competitive keywords.

This way it will be easier for you to get initial visitors from Google.

Watch our video to find low competition keywords.

List examples:
11 Best hotels in times square

Top 5 times square hotels with balcony

2. Create quality lists so that you can earn the trust of people & Google.

3. As your website grows, when more people are visiting your website, you can create directory lists for high competition keywords.

Step 3: Launch your directory listing website

With our ready-to-launch directory website template,
you can launch your online directory website in just a few clicks.
Once you are ready,

Create your online directory website in just 2 steps.

1. Click the launch site button and complete your website launch.
2. Create your list on your brand-new website.

That’s it, you are good to go!

We have already added all the features you need.

So you don’t need to worry about the technical stuff.

Our support team is always available to help you out.

Step 4: Create your directory listing database

Instead of waiting for people to list on your website, start creating your lists for low-competition keywords.
As your website grows people will start listing on your website.

Step 5: Include special deals and events

As you know people love deals & events.

You can ask business owners and include special deals for your website visitors.

This way you can encourage more people to visit & use your website.

Step 6: Get visitors to your website by doing SEO

You can do SEO to rank on the first page of Google.

Watch our video to learn how you can do SEO for your website.

Step 1: Include the target keyword in your listing title & listing content.
Step 2: Provide detailed description about your listing.
Step 3: Get customer reviews on your listings.
Step 4: Focus on creating one category of listing at a time.
Step 5: Maintain your website with quality listings.

So these are the steps to create & grow your online directory listing website.

What is a business directory website?

A business directory website is a list of businesses.
And the businesses can be categorized by type of business, location, price, and size.

Also, a business directory can have essential details about the businesses.

Like, as customer reviews, products and services they offer, photos, available locations, and more.

How to create a business directory website?

You can use our ready-to-launch directory creator, and launch your complete business directory website in just a few minutes.
You don’t need to hire a developer or designer.

In just 2 steps you can create your business directory website.

  1. Click the launch site button and complete your website launch.
  2. Create your business directory on your brand-new website.

That’s it, you are good to go!

We have already added all the features you need for your business directory website.

So don’t worry about the technical stuff.

Our support team is always here to help you.

Who can create a directory listing website with this template?

Anyone can create a directory listing website with our directory website template.

Can I get free directory website templates?

If you launch your directory website with MakeyourWP, you can get a professional directory template for free.

It is a complete directory listing website, and we have already added all the necessary features that you need.

And the directory website design is easy to use & mobile-friendly.
You can launch your complete directory website for just $5 dollars a month.

Are directory websites profitable?

Considering the continued success of business directory websites like Yelp.

Yes, directory websites are profitable.

Here is why, As you know, online shopping is growing at a rapid rate.

Most consumers are actively searching for reviews, and comparing products & services to make their purchases.

  1. In 2021 alone, 2.14 billion people have purchased products & services online.
  2. Yelp earned $1,032 million dollars revenue in 2021.
  3. 90+ million people visit Yelp each month to find restaurants, Home services, and more.

So based on these data, there is high demand for quality directory websites.

How do listings websites make money?

These are the major ways listing websites make money.

  1. Paid plans to list & promote businesses.
  2. Charging businesses to claim their own listings.
  3. Selling advertising space.
  4. Having a platform for selling services and products.
  5. Membership plans for people to check private/exclusive listings.
  6. Selling needed guides and resources for businesses.

How to create a directory website in WordPress?

You can create a directory in WordPress using a directory listing theme and plugin.
Luckily we have a ready-to-launch directory website template, made with WordPress.

And it has all the features you need for your directory website.
You can just click the launch site button, and get your complete directory website in 5 minutes.
The pricing is just $5 per month.

Now you can either build your website on your own, or you can use our online directory template, and save your time & money.

Now it’s up to you.

What is the best Online Directory Software?

Now there are variety of online directory softwares available.

Each one has its own pros and cons.

The best online directory software is MakeyourWP online directory maker.

Using this software you can create an online directory website.

It is a complete solution for any kind of online directory you want to create.

We have added all the features you need to run a successful online directory.

And you don’t need any developer or technical knowledge, to build & run an online directory.

Your online directory website will have SEO features, which you can use to rank your website on Google and get visitors & customers.

You can launch your online directory in 5 minutes for just $5 per month.

If you compare any other available online directory softwares, the pricing starts from $30+ per month to $150 per month.

So by using MakeyourWP online directory maker, you can save a lot of time & money.

Now to get started with MakeyourWP,

1. Just click the launch site button, and complete your website launch.
2. Start creating your online directory on your brand-new website.

And you are good to go!

What is a web host?
Do I need a web host to make my website?

Web host helps you to store your website files like images, videos, and text.

Then serves your site files using the internet.

When you launch your site on MakeYourWP, your site comes with a top-notch web host service.

So you don’t need to get a separate one.

We are using the latest technologies to make our customer sites fast loading ( ultimate speed ), and secure.

So you can completely focus on your business.

What if something goes wrong with my website?
How do I fix it?

We offer top-notch security and daily backups.
If anything goes wrong, our experts will get your site back up in no time!

How safe is my website with MakeYourWP?

When you host with MakeYourWP, all of your website files belong to you only.
You can export your WordPress files anytime from the control panel.

Need help moving from a different provider to MakeYourWP?

Our expert support team is always at your service.

You can also chat with our support team and get all your doubts cleared.

Still Thinking is it Worth a Try?

We are offering a risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee.
So if you are not happy with our services for any reason, you can get a full refund of your payment.

No hassle, no risk.

Ready to Launch your Directory Listing Website?

Get your Ready-Made Site Today
If you are not happy with our services for whatever reason, we will refund your payment. No hassle, no risk.