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Make an Online Store Ready-to-Launch Ecommerce Website Builder

Online shopping is growing like👍 never before in history.

People love😍 the comfort & options that online shopping offers.

In 2021 alone, 2.14 billion people have purchased 🛒 products & services online.

  • Retail E-commerce sales amounted to approximately 💰4.9 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide.
  • As per e-commerce industry prediction, the e-commerce sales amount will reach about 💰7.4 trillion dollars by 2025.
  • Reach customers where they are.
    In 2021, over 4.26 billion people were using social media worldwide,
    And the number of users is projected to increase to almost 6 billion in 2027🔥.

Now you know this is the right time to create & grow your online store🛒.

Before launching🚀 your online store,
first, let’s see the main benefits of making an online store.

Benefits of having an Online Store Website.

  • Faster buying process (Customer payments done within 3 seconds).
  • Get your customer’s payment amount directly to your bank account.
  • You can sell any kind of product you want (From vegetables to handmade products, you can sell anything online).
  • Let everyone learn about your product and service right from your website.
  • Sell & earn 24/7 online (Your website doesn’t need a holiday).
  • Customers love the comfort of ordering products online & get them delivered to their door.
  • Low cost and time investment (Launch & run your complete online store in 2 minutes for just $5 per month).
  • No physical store is needed (It’s your choice).
  • Make higher profits by directly selling to customers.
    Offer better prices by skipping intermediate people involved in selling your product.
  • Get new customers by moving your business online.
  • You & your customers can access the online store from any location.
  • Get customers from Google searches and Social media.
  • Automatic billing & taxing for customer purchases.
  • The internet offers equal opportunities for everyone.
    Just like a big competitor, you will have the same possibilities, and tools to grow your business online.
  • Beautifully showcase all your products on your website.
  • Provide a variety of options for buyers.
  • Get repeat customer purchases by offering quality products.
  • Get access to your customer & sales data with an easy-to-use dashboard.
    Learn what your customers – Like, don’t like, and purchase.
  • Reach your customers whenever you want (Collect email, mobile number, and more details right from your website).
  • No bargaining customers – You can have a fixed price for all your customers.
  • Get more sales by offering discounts & coupons right from your site.
  • Simplified shipping process (You can ship & deliver products to your customers right from your doorstep).
  • You will have complete control over your website design, customization, features, and functionality.
  • Build a valuable brand where potential customers purchase online.

What are the Different Platforms Available to Make an Online Store?

These are the popular online store 🛒 builders available on the market right now.

You can check the 🧭 comparison below & decide which one is best for you.

As you can see MakeyourWP stands out from the competition by offering affordable 💰 price & top-notch features.

Now if you are wondering💪 what is MakeyourWP?
And why do I need to consider it to build my online store?
Then read ahead😍!

Types of Online Stores you can Make with Our Template

Launch your website with professional designs that are designed to sell & grow.

Create Any Kind of Online Store you want

From vegetables to jewellery, you can sell anything you want.

Single Product Online Store

Start selling your one product easier online.
Present your product like never before.

Multi-Products Online Store

Easily showcase and sell a variety of products on a single website.

Home Decor Online Store

Give a wonderful home for your home decor products & services. Selling your home decor products just got easier.

Fashion Boutique Online Store

A glorious way to sell your fashion products online.

Online Beauty & Cosmetic Supply Store

Create a beautiful website for your beauty & cosmetic supply store.

Accessories Online Store

Create a trendy website for your accessories products.

Fashion Online Store

Create a memorable fashion brand.
Elegantly present & sell your fashion products online.

Create your Own Online T-Shirt Store

The easy & quick way to start selling t-shirts online.

Electronics Online Store

Build a perfect online store for your electronics business.

Online Furnisher Store

Showcase & get your furnishers quickly sold online.

Create an Online Supermarket Store

Start selling groceries & different products online.

Multi-Vendor Online Store

Let anyone sell their products on your website, and earn commission from the sellers.

Sell your Services Online

Get more customers to your service by professionally presenting your services online.
Sell any kind of service that you are providing.

Get to know the Features that your Website will have.

One-Click Easy E-commerce Website Setup

With our easy & quick launch method,
You’ll be able to launch your entire online store with just one click,

And it’ll be ready for customization (that is, adding your own products and connecting the payment options).

Add and Manage your Products Like a Pro

Using the easy-to-use admin area, you can easily add your product images, price, product description, and more details all in one place.

Beginner-Friendly WordPress Dashboard

WordPress dashboard is the place where you can edit & control your entire website.

Completely Customizable Design & Templates:

Your website design is in your control.
60+ Professional ready-made designs are ready to launch.

Just select any design you want, and change the content to suit your needs.

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3

Template 4

Template 5

Template 6

Template 7

Template 8

Template 9

Template 10

Measure your eCommerce Store Sales & Stock Inventory with an Awesome Dashboard.

Effortlessly check your sales records & stock inventory from a single place.
You can also track & deliver products to your customers from one dashboard.

User Friendly Design for your Customers

User-friendly design allows your online store visitors to easily use your site, and quickly purchase your products online.

Elegant Shop Page that is Designed to Sell a Variety of Products Effortlessly.

Showcase & sell your products in an elegant way.

Have your shop the way you want

Multiple shop page layout options are available for you to choose from.

Present your Products Professionally

Selling is easy when you know how to present your products.

Your product page will have all the features your customer needs to complete their purchase.

Just add your product images, and details about it, and that’s it. You are ready to sell online.

Variety of Ways to Present your Products Online

Multiple product page designs are available for you to choose from.
Choose the way you want to present your products online.

Let your Visitors have a Closer Look at your Products

Your online shop users can see your products in a full-page preview.

Seamless Shopping Cart for your Customer’s Bucket List

Give a great shopping experience with a satisfying shopping cart for your customers.

Fast & Secure Online Customer Payments

Built-in options to connect popular payment methods like Stripe and Razorpay.
You can ensure fast & secure customer payments on your online store.

Wishlist Feature to Make your Customer’s Wishes Become True

Your customers can add products to their wishlist,
and they can purchase those products at any time they want.

Let your Customers Compare and Buy your Products Peacefully

Product comparison feature will help your customers compare & buy your products with more confidence.

Bring more Sales to your Store with Frequently Bought-Together Suggestions.

Your product page will have frequently bought together product suggestions.
Which will help your customers purchase a group of required products at once.

Automatic Related Products Suggestion

Your site will automatically show related products based on the product that your customer is viewing.

It helps people quickly purchase needed products from one place.

Expressway to Help your Customers Quickly Find the Products they want.

Powerful product filters & search feature will help your customers quickly find the products they want.

Searching Products Just Got Easier

In just 2 seconds your site users can search & find the product they are looking for.

(Your store customers can just enter the product name or any detail about the product. The search option will automatically show related products instantly.)

Jaw-Dropping Mega Menu – Online Store Menu

You can have a single product or supermarket.
Mega menu will help your customers find your products effortlessly.

Easy-to-Use Mobile Menu

People want an easy-to-use website,
especially menu is an essential part of any website.

This online shop template has an easy-to-use mobile menu. Your customers can use your store effortlessly.

Clear your Customer’s Doubts with a Detailed Product Descriptions.

On your product page, you can have a detailed product description.
Which will allow your visitors to easily learn more about your product.

Answer your Customer Questions & Get More Customers.

Your customers may have some doubts & questions regarding your product.

You can use this feature to answer & clear your customer doubts, and get more customers. This feature works similar to Amazon.

Give Confidence with Customer Reviews

Customer reviews gives confidence to people about their purchases.

Your products will have a beautiful customer reviews section. It will help people to add & check reviews about your product.

Worry-Free Fast Login Experience – One-Click Google Login

Using Google login your customers can easily sign up & login to your website.

No need to remember passwords. They can also log in with their email & password.

Encourage Visitors to Complete their Purchase with Coupons & Discounts.

With this online shop template, you can offer discounts & coupons. This way you can encourage your site visitors to purchase your products.

Simplified Shipping Process for you & your Customers

Ship & deliver products to your customers right from your doorstep.
You can follow our step-by-step video and ship your products with ease.

The Fastest Way to Sell your Products Online

You can add & sell any kind of product you want online.
And you can have an unlimited number of products on your online store.

You can also have multiple categories of products in one online store.

Run an Entire Directory Listing Website Business from One Platform.

With MakeYourWP, you can manage your site’s domain name, hosting, design, content, customer payments, and everything in one platform.
All the tools are available for you to launch & grow your brand easily.

Email Alerts & Notifications

Payment & order confirmation emails are automatically sent to you & your customers.

You have Full Control Over your Website Design.

With WordPress blocks and Elementor editor,
you can design your site how you want, just by using drag and drop.

You have endless design possibilities without any coding.

All the Design Options are Available to you.

Change colors, images, fonts, icons, sections, and more.

Make your Website Visually Stunning on All Screens

Your site will look & work well on mobiles or any type of device that your customers are using.

According to Salescycle mobile devices accounted for 56% of online sales in 2021.
So having your mobile optimized is not a choice, it is essential.

A Wonderful Design

Fully responsive layouts for all types of devices.

SEO Enabled

  • Google ranks fast-loading websites,
    and with Makeyourwp your website will load blazing fast.
  • Your site comes with the powerful SEO plugin Rankmath.
    Using Rankmath you can rank your site on Google,
    and get more customers from Google search.
  • People are searching for grocery shops to services near them online. Set up your Google business profile, and get new & local customers.

Multiple Languages Supported

WordPress offers a lot of language options for your website.
You can even have your website in your native language.

How to Get Started with MakeYourWP?

Steps to get started + our YouTube tutorial video.

Build your Hotel Booking Website with MakeYourWP in 3 Simple Steps.


Choose your Website Template.


Purchase the Plan you want


Customize the Content to Suit your Offer

And, done. Your website is ready to conquer
the business world!

What is MakeYourWP?

MakeYourWP is a part of Website Learners, where we make fully functional ready-made websites🔥, with all the features you need pre-installed to create your own website as quickly and efficiently as possible✔.

It is built 💪 by the same team who made the WebsiteLearners Youtube channel, so you can be sure that your site is built by WordPress experts.

Website Learners currently has more than 1 Million followers on youtube.

With MYWP, You just need to 🚀 launch your website and ▶start using it.

And we will take care of all the technical bits for you. And the best thing is, all of these are possible✔ without hiring any coder & designer.

Okay, now you know what is MakeyourWP.

Now, how does it Stand Out from the other Options you have?

On MYWP, you will get a 😍ready-made online course website, so you don’t need to ▶ create your website from scratch.

And you can ✔ quickly build your website in a few clicks with just 5 dollars💰 in a month. Built-in plugins, tools, and features, are in the template, so you don’t need to search separately.

And you will get top-notch 🔒 security and 24/7 support from our team.

Why Choose MakeYourWP to Create your Online Store?

  • You can launch your online store in 2 minutes & it’s ready to use out of the box. If you build a WordPress site on your own, it is a complicated & time-consuming task.
  • Ultimate speed, you need a website that loads within a few seconds, and serves people and your business. (Most consumers expect a website to load within a few seconds). That’s why we use the latest web hosting (server) technologies to ensure your website loads blazing fast, and highly optimised.
  • Custom domain name ( Make your brand memorable – Easily set up your own domain name for your website, straight from the control panel.
  • Professional online store design will help your customers easily use your website.
  • You will have full control over website design & functionality. So you can have your website the way you want. Which is not available in other online store builders.
  • Secure & easy to use the dashboard to manage your website & customer orders.
  • SEO features enabled (Rank your website on Google search & get more customers).
  • Made with WordPress & Woocommerce.
    43% of the internet uses WordPress, and it is the top online store builder used by millions of businesses around the world.
    When you launch your site on MakeYourWP, WordPress will be automatically installed.
  • 24/7 customer support is available for you. You can get chat support all day, every day. Our team will solve any problem and get you on your way, anytime.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee – No hassle, no risk.
  • Free SSL & Top-Notch Security
  • Automated Backups every day (Your site will be automatically backed up every day).
  • To save your time & energy, we’ve picked out all the best, necessary tools & plugins for your website, and pre-installed them in the template.
  • Your online store will come with everything you need already installed.
  • Unlike a normal WordPress theme (that you customize from scratch), the MakeYourWP templates are readymade websites built specifically for your business type.
  • You get a FREE staging site where you can test new features & make countless edits without it affecting your “real” website.
    Liked the new edits in the staging site but worried that you have to repeat the same steps again in the “real” one? 
    With MakeYourWP, you can make the changes LIVE on your website with just a single click. Yep. It is that simple.

Now you know how MakeyourWP is different from other website builders.

What Our Customers are Saying?

Automatic Installation of All the Necessary Tools and Plugins

  • Showcase & sell any kind of product you want.
  • Add & sell an unlimited number of products.
  • Easy-to-use admin area to list and manage your products.
  • Professionally designed product pages to show your product details.
  • Track & scale your business from one platform.
  • Sell your services & digital products online.
  • Highlight best-selling products.
  • Powerful search & filter options to help people quickly find the product they want.
  • Drag and drop visual online store website builder.
  • Automatic email alert and notification system for order payments, and order confirmation.
  • All major payment methods are available for fast & easy customer payments online.

Some of the Questions you may have – FAQ

An online store is just like a regular store on your streets, where people can see products & services through a website and purchase it online.

With an online store, from vegetables to jewelers,
you can sell anything you want online.

Online store features:

  1. You can showcase & sell any kind of products you want online.
  2. People can buy products & services effortlessly from your online store.
  3. You can easily reach more people with an online store (Get customers from Google search & Social media).
  4. Even you don’t need a physical store to start selling online.

Everything you can do easily with an online store.

  • Process orders
  • Accept payments securely
  • Manage inventory and shipping.
  • Get your customer’s payment amount directly to your bank account.
  • Track sales records
  • Provide customer service with ease.

Online store example:

There is no difference, both are the same.

Using our online store template, you can launch and run a complete online store website, for just $5 dollars per month.

No hidden charges.

You don’t need to hire any developer or designer to make your website.

We have already made it for you.

You will be saving $1000’s of dollars in developing your website.

MakeyourWP is an all-in-one online store platform for you & your customers (online shoppers).

With this online store template, you can create any kind of online store you want.

  • Single product online store
  • Multi products online store
  • Retail online store
  • Restaurant online shop
  • Home decor online shop
  • Food products online store
  • Fashion boutique online shop
  • Online beauty & cosmetic supply store
  • Makeup online store
  • Accessories online store
  • Fashion online store
  • T-Shirt online Store
  • Electronics online store
  • Online furnisher store
  • Create an online supermarket store
  • Multi-vendor online store
  • Sell your services online
  • Digital products online store
  • Online book store
  • Start online cake supply store

You can create your online store in 2 minutes,

without hiring any code & designer.

How to start an online store?
You can use our ready-to-launch online store template, and get your complete online store in minutes.

Then add your products, and start selling products online.

Steps to create a successful online store.

  1. Find what people need, and do they pay money for it?
  2. Create a better product, initially, a few products ( 1-3 ) are only needed.
  3. Sell & check whether it is profitable to sell more.
  4. If there is enough demand & and people are willing to pay for it, Launch your eCommerce store with our ready-made online store template.
  5. Add products to your online store.
  6. Sell your products through Social media, Google search, Whatsapp, and more.
  7. Build & keep trust with your customers by providing quality products & services.

From groceries to gold, you can sell any kind of products you want online.

Use tools like Google trends & Google keyword planner to find which products people are searching for.

Yes, you can start an online store without an inventory. But you need to deliver the product to your customers, after successfully selling it.

So initially you need to create your product, and you need to have at least a few products for your first customers.

Alternatively, you can also try this method,

  1. First, you can try selling a few products.
  2. If you make profits, you can launch your eCommerce store.

Yes! You can start an online store without a physical store. And you can also launch your physical store at any you want.

Yes! You can easily share your online store and products,
on any social media you want.

Yes! You can connect your social media accounts to your online store. You can also add links to your products on any social media you want.

Creating your online store on a free platform can have some limitations, like security, speed, and features of the online store.
If you want to create a fully functional online store, you have to spend some amount of money.

Luckily you can make your own online store for just $5 dollars per month.
No hidden charges.

We have already created the complete online store, with all the features you need to start selling online.

So you don’t need to hire any developer or designer to make your website.

And you will be saving $1000’s of dollars in developing your website.

Now to launch your website, just click the launch site button.

And fill up your details, then you will get your online store in just a few minutes.

Yes! You can create your own eCommerce website without any coding.

Just 2 steps are all it takes to create your own eCommerce website.

  1. Click the launch site button and complete your website launch.
  2. Add your products to your brand-new website.

That’s it, you are ready to sell your products online.

Also, we have already added all the features you need for your eCommerce website.

So you don’t need to worry about the technical stuff.
Our support team is always here to help you out.

There are a lot of website builders available to make an online store.

43% of the internet uses WordPress from blogs to big business websites.
And it is the best online store builder when it comes to speed,
security, customization, and design options.
So we use WordPress as a foundation for our online store template.

When you launch your site with MakeYourWP, WordPress will be automatically installed.

Now there are two ways to create your website.

  1. Use our ready-to-launch online store website template.
  2. Use a different website builder and build your website on your own.

Either way, you can create your website.

Using our online store website template, you can save time and money.

Because we have already built the website for you, with all the features you need.

All you have to do is, just click the launch site button.
And you can get your complete website in just a few minutes.

MakeyourWP is the easiest way to set up your online store.

And our support team is always here to help you.

If you launch your online store with MakeyourWP, you can get a premium online store website template for free.

It is a complete online shop website, and we have already added all the necessary features that you need.

You can launch your online shop in just 2 minutes, and start selling online.

Considering 43% of the internet uses WordPress,
from blogs to big business websites.
Yes, WordPress is good for eCommerce.

And it is the best e-commerce website builder when it comes to speed, security, customization, and design options.
Our ready-to-launch e-commerce website template is made with WordPress.

Using our eCommerce template, you can easily create your eCommerce website with WordPress.

When you launch your site with MakeYourWP, WordPress will be automatically installed.

Then you can add products to your eCommerce store, customize your website, and launch your online business.

Anyone can use this template to make any kind of online store they want.
If you have a product or service you can sell it online, and get your customers.

  • Physical store owners
  • Supermarket owners
  • Single product seller
  • Multi products sellers
  • Food products sellers
  • T-Shirt sellers
  • Electronics store owners
  • Clothing & fashion product sellers
  • Beauty product sellers
  • Furnisher & home decor product sellers
  • Service providers (From a barber shop to graphic design any kind of service providers).
  • Digital product sellers (Ebook, art, course, music, and more).

So these are types of online businesses you can create, and sell online.
Apart from these, you can literally create any kind of online business you can imagine.

Yes, you can sell unlimited products with an online store. And also you can sell any products you want.

Yes, you can make money with an online store.
More and more businesses are starting to sell online.
Because they know they can easily reach their potential customers online.

If you have a product that is already selling well, you can launch your online store and get more customers.
This is one of the genuine ways to launch your online business.

If you don’t have a product,
These are the proven steps to creating a successful product.

  1. Find a product idea that people are willing to pay money for it.
  2. Calculate & check the profitability of the product.
  3. Create the product ( initially 1-3 products ), & get your first few customers.
  4. If you make profits, now you can launch your online store.

Web host helps you to store your website files like images, videos, and text.

Then serves your site files using the internet.

When you create an online store with MakeYourWP, your site comes with a top-notch web host service.

So you don’t need to get a separate one.

We are using the latest technologies to make our customer sites fast-loading (ultimate speed), and secure.

So you can completely focus on your business.

When it comes to online store builder options, Most eCommerce website builders are either costly or lack features & quality.

But MakeYourWP is the only eCommerce platform, which offers top-notch features & quality for an affordable price.

If you want to open an online store, then MakeYourWP is the best choice for you.

When it comes to online store web hosting, there are plenty of providers available.

Here is how MakeYourWP is the best choice for you.

We offer ready-to-launch websites.

This means you can launch your complete online store website in just 2 minutes.

So you don’t need to hire a developer or designer to build an online store website.

Among the eCommerce platforms, MakeyourWP is the best choice for you.

Because it has all the features you need for your online store website.

And you will be saving $1000’s of dollars in developing your website.

Now to launch your website, just click the launch site button.

Our support team is always here to help you.

There are the essential things that you need to design a good online store:

  • Keep the website design clean without any unnecessary elements/things.
  • Make sure your site is easy to understand by common people.
  • Have a user-friendly site.
  • Make sure your site is loading fast for your site visitors.
  • Ensure your site is secure (have SSL installed).

Here is an easy way to do all of these, without hiring a developer & designer.

You can use our ready-to-launch online shop template, and get your complete website in just 2 minutes.

Yes, an online store needs a business license.
But initially, you can sell only a few products & see whether you are making enough profits.

Then you can decide whether you want to grow your business further.
Once you are ready, you can get a business license & run your business legally.

You can easily track your online store performance from your online store dashboard.

Here is a powerful wisdom for you, which most online businesses may not be aware of.

To make your business successful, instead of putting your 100% efforts into marketing, If you start focusing on online shoppers, and how you can serve & help them.

You can easily get success in your eCommerce business.

You can ship & deliver products to your customers right from your doorstep.
You can follow our step-by-step video, and ship your products with ease.

On our YouTube channel, you can learn:

  • Best online store builders ( online store maker ).
  • How to create an online store
  • Set up an online store
  • How to add a payment gateway
  • Adding shipping labels ( print shipping labels effortlessly ).
  • Collecting sales tax
  • Search engine optimization to rank on Google search results.
  • Shipping rates
  • Online store’s design
  • Free business tools
  • Adding shipping zones & areas.
  • How to use eCommerce features & customization.

You can add almost all the payment options available now.
Popular payment options are Stripe, Razorpay, and Paypal.

These payment options will enable your customers to pay with Credit/Debit cards, UPI, Google pay, Apple pay, Online banking, and EMI payments.

There is no charge for starting your online store with these payment options.

However, to process your online store payments,
these payment providers charge a certain percentage of the amount for each transaction.

The charging amount will be calculated & collected based on the total transaction amount.

You can check out these pages to learn more about payment charges.

  • Stripe payment charges
  • Paypal payment charges
  • Razorpay payment charges

We offer top-notch security and daily backups.
If anything goes wrong, our experts will get your site back up in no time!

When you host with MakeYourWP, all of your website files are belong to you only.

You can export your WordPress files anytime from the control panel.

Need help moving from a different provider to MakeYourWP?
Our expert support team is always at your service.
You can also chat with our support team and get all your doubts cleared.

Still Thinking is it Worth a Try?

We are offering a risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee.
So if you are not happy with our services for any reason, you can get a full refund of your payment.

No hassle, no risk.

Ready to Launch your Real
Estate Website?

Get your Ready-Made Site Today
If you are not happy with our services for whatever reason, we will refund your payment. No hassle, no risk.