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How to Setup a Readymade Ecommerce Website for Your Business?

Readymade ecommerce website for your business
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With the rise of e-commerce, consumers’ shopping habits have radically changed, making it crucial for companies of all kinds to have a web presence. Building a website, especially one for doing business online, can be a complex and time-consuming process. The good news is that readymade ecommerce website templates are available on many online platforms. It is important to understand the benefits of selling your items online before diving into the details of creating a readymade ecommerce website for your company.

Reason for Choosing Readymade Ecommerce Website

Reason for Choosing Readymade Ecommerce Website

With the development of e-commerce sites and marketplaces, selling one’s product online is a feasible option for companies of all sizes. Some benefits of using a readymade ecommerce website over regular ecommerce websites are listed below:

Time and Money Management

  • When opposed to custom creation, readymade templates save time and money.
  • Do not go through the lengthy design and development process.
  • Hiring web designers or developers is not necessary.

User-Friendly Configuration

  • Setup and maintenance are simple because of intuitive dashboards and interfaces.
  • You are led through the procedure via step-by-step instructions.
  • No technical knowledge is necessary.

Expert Design and Function

  • Professional templates with user experience and conversion optimization.
  • Built-in features include product listings, shopping carts, and payment processors.
  • Ensure that clients have a flawless purchasing experience.

Frequent Updates and Support

  • Numerous services give continuing help and support.
  • Available resources include documentation, instruction, and customer assistance.
  • Frequent updates include performance enhancements, security fixes, and new features.

Flexibility and Scalability

  • Scalable template designs you can use as your company expands.
  • Simple design changes and product additions.
  • Flexibility to adjust to shifting market trends and corporate demands.

Setting up a Readymade Ecommerce Website Using MakeYourWP

Now, we will explain how to use MakeYourWP‘s ecommerce website template to establish a professional online storefront for your company.

Step 1: Register with MakeYourWP

You need to sign up for MakeYourWP’s service before you can start utilizing their e-commerce platform. This is a simple and basic thing to do. Click the “Sign Up” button on the MakeYourWP homepage. You will be directed to a registration page where you must fill out some basic information before proceeding.

Register with MakeYourWP

MakeYourWP gives its users access to its platform, a library of customizable website designs, and a readymade ecommerce theme.

Step 2: Choose Your Template

MakeYourWP provides a large variety of professionally designed, feature-rich ecommerce website templates to pick from. The tone of your website and the user’s experience are both influenced by the template you choose. Check out each accessible template in detail, noting the design, colour scheme, and other elements.

Choose Your Template

You should think about your business’s specialty and its intended audience while deciding on a template. A template with a primitive and organic style may be preferable to one with a contemporary and elegant design, for instance, if you’re selling handcrafted goods. After deciding on the template, purchase the template by entering the personal information and payment details. 

Now, you can start personalizing your website template.

Note: If you want to purchase the domain name for your e-commerce website, visit WebSpacekit.

Step 3: Personalize Your Template

After purchasing a readymade ecommerce website template, you can modify it to represent your company’s identity and goals better using MakeYourWP’s dashboard. You can alter the colour scheme, add or remove features, and upload your logo. 

To set your website apart from others using the same template, it is essential to modify it. MakeYourWP’s customization tools will let you explore several aesthetic directions until you discover one perfect for your business. 

For example, MakeYourWP allows you to add product filters, wishlists, and lookbooks to a fashion e-commerce template. You can customize the template that fits your business and enhance user experience.

 Personalize Your Template

Step 4: Create Your Ecommerce Website

The next step is to build your shop for business once you have modified the readymade ecommerce website template. MakeYourWP’s ecommerce template provides convenient pre-installed ecommerce features.

The first step is to get your goods inside the shop. To achieve this, go to MakeYourWP’s product management page and edit the relevant fields, including the product’s name, description, and pricing. Provide high-quality photographs of the things you are selling to potential customers.

Create Your Ecommerce Website

Establishing a payment gateway comes next. Credit cards, PayPal, etc., are just some of the payment methods used by MakeYourWP. Securely accepting payments from clients requires connecting a payment gateway to your website.

Step 5: Arrange Your Shipment

Setting up your delivery choices comes after establishing your payment gateway. MakeYourWP’s readymade ecommerce website gives you various shipping choices based on different products. To enhance the functionality of your shipping process, you can consider using popular shipping plugins such as WooCommerce shipping, Table Rate for WooCommerce, etc.

Arrange Your Shipment

Use the MakeYourWP platform’s shipping settings page to define your shipment choices, including the countries you will ship to, shipping prices, and expected delivery time.

Step 6: Publish Your Product Pages Live

Launching your product pages to the public is a crucial part of getting your products to market. Putting your product pages out there allows potential customers to research your offerings before making a purchasing decision.

Click “Publish” only after double-checking that your product pages are search engine friendly and include all the information customers need, such as product title, description, images, etc. That’s it! Now, your product page is live on the internet.

Publish Your Product Pages Live

Promote your Business Website

Promote your Business Website

You still have some work to do once you have released your website to the public on the internet. Getting customers to visit your website and make a purchase is important to the survival of any online retail business. Including helpful information on your website may help you achieve this goal. There are several options available to you when it comes to marketing your online business to potential clients. Some of the many forms of internet advertising are shown below as examples.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves enhancing your site’s visibility in search results by tweaking elements such as the use of keywords, the structure of product descriptions, and the number and quality of inbound connections.
  • Use sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to spread the word about what you’re selling. Get your brand in front of more people and keep them interested using sponsored advertising.
  • Email marketing is compiling a customer email list and sending promotional emails with information on new items, special offers, and calls to action to encourage repeat business.
  • Via “Influencer Marketing,” you team up with well-known people in your pitch to spread the word about your wares to their fans. A larger audience may be reached, and trust in the brand can be established in this manner.
  • To attract new clients and increase website traffic, you may invest in paid advertising via channels like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.


MakeYourWP’s readymade ecommerce website template makes launching an online store a breeze, regardless of your level of technical expertise, and it enables you to save time and optimizes your resources. Ready ecommerce websites from MakeYourWP offer a cost-effective solution by providing a pre-designed framework that meets the requirements of an online store. You can get your online shop up and operating quickly by following the instructions in this article.

Set up your online shop, select a design that reflects your brand, promote your site to attract customers, and watch your sales soar. You can focus on expanding your company with the help of MakeYourWP’s readymade ecommerce website template as they handle the technical parts of maintaining your online shop.

Frequently Asked Questions on Readymade Ecommerce Website for Your Business

How can MakeYourWP help you create an online store quickly?

MakeYourWP provides a WordPress theme with integrated shopping cart functionality. You may open an online shop without knowing how to code or having any previous expertise with computers.

Can I modify MakeYourWP’s readymade ecommerce website to make it seem like my current site?

MakeYourWP’s design is flexible, so you may alter it to reflect your brand’s aesthetic and the specific requirements of your website. The look and feel of your online shop are all up to you.

How user-friendly do you find the online shop features of MakeYourWP to be?

MakeYourWP has full e-commerce features, from stock administration to taking payments to coordinate shipments. The WordPress admin dashboard provides quick access to all of these settings.

Can I connect MakeYourWP to my existing shipping and billing platforms?

MakeYourWP may be integrated with several distinct shipping and payment methods. It works with various shipping and payment options, such as PayPal and Stripe.

How can I use MakeYourWP to make my online store more accessible to search engines?

MakeYourWP is optimized for search engines. To increase traffic to your online store, use Yoast SEO and other comparable plugins. By optimizing both individual product and category pages, this plugin may help your online store rank higher in SERPs.

Can I upgrade my existing MakeYourWP online store’s features?

MakeYourWP’s e-commerce features may be expanded with the help of plugins created for the WordPress platform. Hundreds of plugins allow you to extend the functionality of your online store by adding social media integration, email marketing, and other functions.

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