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4 Easy Steps to Create a Ready Made Travel Agency Website

Ready made travel agency website
You will Learn
  • Why a Travel Agency Needs Website
  • Key Factors to Consider Which Purchasing Ready Made Website
  • Guide to Use a Ready-Made Travel Agency Website
  • FAQs

Are you looking to build a professional online presence for your travel agency but don’t know where to start? 

A ready made travel agency website can assist you in building your business online without technical knowledge.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Why having a website is crucial for travel agencies today
  • How to choose the right ready made travel agency website platform
  • Steps to customize the template for the travel and tourism industry that fits your brand

Building a good travel agency website doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With the right platform, you can have a stunning and great website up and running quickly. Let’s get started!

Why Your Travel Agency Needs a Website

Nowadays, well-designed travel agency websites are necessary for businesses looking to grow. Here are some key reasons why your travel agency needs its website:

  • Showcases your brand and offerings – A website lets you present your travel agency’s unique style and travel products to potential clients. You can highlight your value proposition and key differentiation.
  • Enables you to reach more customers online – Many travelers prefer booking trips through agency websites rather than visiting physical stores. A website greatly expands your reach.
  • Builds credibility and trust – An impressive, professional website establishes your business as a legitimate, credible service that travelers can trust. This gives you a competitive edge.
  • Allows 24/7 availability – With a website, customers can access your services and make inquiries anytime, anywhere. No need to be limited to office hours.

A well-designed, functional website is essential for travel agency to engage with digitally savvy travelers today. Let’s look at how to select the right ready-made website for your business.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Ready-Made Website

With hundreds of best travel agency websites, how do you select the right one? Here are key factors to keep in mind:

Design and Appearance

  • Is the overall travel agency website design attractive and suitable?
  • Is the color scheme and font professional yet unique?
  • Are page layouts clean, uncluttered, and visually appealing?

Features and Functions

  • Does it have the booking system, payment handling, Search Engine Optimization (SEO tools), and other features your business needs?
  • Is the website set up to make sales and get leads?
  • How easily can customers find their way around the site and make reservations?

Option for Customization

  • Without having any coding experience, is content editing simple?
  • Does it permit altering design components like colours, fonts, and logos?
  • Can you add, delete, or alter web pages as needed?

Technical Requirements

  • Are the platform’s building techniques and standards up to date?
  • Does the platform provide trustworthy hosting, maintenance, and security?
  • Does it enable integration with tools and applications from other parties?


  • Does the price fit within your budget’s limits?
  • Beyond the price of the original purchase, are there any ongoing expenses?
  • Does the investment make sense based on the benefits, help, and ease of use?

Customer Service

  • Is timely, responsive support offered?
  • Are they given resources and training materials?
  • Does there exist a lively user community that exchanges advice?

You can find an answer that meets your most important needs by comparing choices on these points.

Ready to find the perfect travel website and get your business found online? Let’s get started!

Step-by-Step Guide to Use a Ready Made Travel Agency Website

We’ll now go through the step-by-step procedure for getting a ready made travel agency website, modifying it, and publishing it. 

We discovered that MakeYourWP is the greatest option to build up your travel agency website with the proper solution and consideration of all the aforementioned factors. You can increase reservations and swiftly develop your brand’s internet presence.

Step 1: Get and Launch Your Website

To get started, go to the “MakeYourWP” website first.


Under the “Templates” tab, you may discover a template for tours and travel websites.

Ready made travel agency website

Click “Demo” to see the webpage preview.

Ready made travel agency website - Demo

Click “Launch site” now to get started with the website. 

Launch site

Make payments by entering your information. After finishing, click “Launch new site.” 

Fill up the details

Now, click “Launch new site” again after entering the desired website’s URL.

Update the URL

Step 2: Include a Travel Package on Your Website

Click “Admin” to access the WordPress dashboard and add a tour and travel package to your website.

Go to admin area

To remove the sample travel packages, Select the packages by choosing “Tours” and then “All tours,” then click “Move to Trash.”

Tours package in WP dashboard

And to include your trip package. Click “Add tour” and fill out the form with the information for your tour.

Add new tour

To set a featured image for your page, Click “Set Featured Image” to add the cover image. Enter the specifics of your trip plans in the description field to create a tour plan. 

After entering all the necessary information, the tour package will be posted to your website when you click “publish.”

Set the featured image and publish

To include the cover images in the slider, “Add or Upload File” under the “Slideshow Images” and update it.

Add slideshow image

Go to “Taxonomies” and then “Included section” to add a feature to your package.

Add included section

The feature should be included in the excluded area as it isn’t part of the package and should be entered similarly.

To alter the currency, Go to the dashboard Tour settings BA Settings Currency. Choose the desired currency and then click “save changes.

Set up the currency settings

Step 3: How to Set Up Tours on Your Site

Go to “Tours”“Destinations” to add your place. You will find the default destination there. Simply choose it, remove it, and then add your destination.

Add destination

To add a meeting location, Visit “Places” “Add place” to add the meeting location and address.

Similarly, add other meeting locations by selecting “Tours” “All tours”. To add a meeting location, go to your tour package, click edit, and then add it.

Add place

Go to your dashboard and choose “Orders” “All orders” to check the progress of your order.

Check orders

Step 4: Change the Website’s Content

Go to the page you want to edit, choose “Edit with Elementor,” and then make changes.

Edit the content

Go to the Customise menu and make the necessary adjustments to the logo.

Update the logo

Go to “WebSpaceKit” now to alter the domain name.

Login to WebSpaceKit

Buy a domain name from WebSpaceKit

Buy the domain

Connect the domain to your website after purchasing it.

Connect the domain to MakeYourWP

Follow these steps to set up a professional-looking travel website.

Summary Video

For detailed information, watch the video below and subscribe to the channel for more videos like this!


After reviewing the key factors for choosing a readymade travel agency website, MakeYourWP emerges as the ideal solution.

In conclusion, MakeYourWP offers a complete solution for rapidly establishing a good travel agency website with:

  • Beautiful, expert templates
  • easy-to-use customization tools
  • robust features for booking trip
  • Security and dependable hosting
  • responsive client service
  • Outstanding  pricing

MakeYourWP is the obvious option for tourism and travel agency businesses looking for a simple but effective online platform for building their brand. You may build a personalized website that turns visitors into satisfied consumers with only a few clicks.

With a MakeYourWP website, you can now stop daydreaming and expand your travel agency!

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FAQs on Ready Made Travel Agency Website

What features does the readymade travel agency website have?

The readymade travel agency website from MakeyourWP has pre-designed templates, themes, and plugins to create a fully working travel booking site. It includes responsive design, payment gateways, admin dashboards, hotel, trip, package booking systems, and SEO optimization.

How simple is it to modify a ready-made travel website?

The ready-made travel website’s user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality makes it simple to customize. Without coding experience, you may quickly alter the contents, photos, colours, fonts, and layouts. It also provides many customization options to make the website fit your brand.

What payment gateways are integrated?

For receiving payments, the website interfaces with well-known payment processors, including PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, and others. You may turn on the gateway of your choice.

What subscription options does MakeYourWP provide?

MakeyourWP does provide customizable yearly payment options. This enables access to ongoing website maintenance, support, and upgrades.

How straightforward is it to maintain and update the content?

The MakeYourWP website’s backend is simple to use and browse. You may quickly add and change text, photos, and packages without technological knowledge.

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